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Dangerous Goods Services
for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, you can trust Dangerous Goods Group to support dangerous goods shipments regardless of where you're shipping. We offer the best of both shipping worlds, with hazmat transportation and regulations expertise as well as a global hazmat shipping network. This allows us to provide customers with professional and knowledgeable support locally while your cargo is moving anywhere in the world, whether shipping by land, air or sea.

The Home of Dangerous Goods

Our staff takes expertise of shipping dangerous goods to a whole new level. Trained and certified in all modes of transport, our specialists will manage the entire shipment preparation process, including selecting the appropriate packaging materials and labels, packing the shipment, and completing all required documentation.

Fulfillment. Fully Picked. Fully Packed.

Take advantage of our hazmat warehousing capabilities - while reducing shipping costs - by storing large quantities of your product on-site. When orders come in, we can fulfill them quickly and with the utmost accuracy. We do things right from the beginning, so your shipments don't get held up by the carrier or inspectors.

Giving Dangerous Goods the Once-Over, Multiple Times.

Our dangerous goods specialists will rapidly correct errors and improperly packed goods that are labeled or packaged in violation of transport regulations. With our rapid turnaround you can be sure that your dangerous goods shipments are labeled and documented correctly and will get from dock to destination safely and on time. Our efficient inspections allow the freight forwarder and shipper to realize net cost savings because of reduced rejections and delays.

More Than Shipping Service

  • Corrective Action For Frustrated Shipments
  • Dry Ice Delivery and Re-Icing
  • On-Site Packing At Customer Facilities
  • Global Shipment Coordination
  • On-Hand Reports
  • Product Classification
  • Pre-Transport Inspections
  • Custom Crating/Heat-Treated Pallets
  • Fulfillment And Distribution Services
  • Dangerous Goods Document Preparation
  • Transfer Arrangements
  • 24-Hour Emergency Contact Number
  • Pick-Up / Drop-Off Services